Saturday, 22 February 2014

The one month spending ban ♥

Being a beauty blogger, I have a serious addiction to spending. I am heavily influenced by other bloggers, I will read about a new product and feel the urge to go and buy it, but I need to start saving. Also as a blogger, I feel as if I need to buy new products to write about or no-one will read my blog, I know it sounds silly! I am going to try a variety of posts, using things I already have and not just churn out reviews and hauls.

Being 14, I have a very...very small income, if you can call it that. The closest thing to a job I have is a paper round, so budgeting is in my blood. However lately I have been splurging on makeup and clothes, so for the next month I am not going to buy a single thing, yes I said it NOT A SINGLE THING. My birthday is on the 24th of march, so of course I can't be on spending ban over my birthday, but until then I'm not spending anything.

I'm not going to just limit myself to not buying skincare,makeup and clothes...I'm going the whole way and am not spending a single penny. However I am allowing myself to go out with my friends, but I'm going to do it as cheaply as possible and only buy food and travel fares etc.

I don't think it will be that hard as it's only a month, but we'll have to see how it goes. I would extend it to 60 days, but my birthday is in the way. Maybe I will try 60 days beginning in may.....So from the 22nd of February to the 24th of March, not a single penny will leave my bank account.

Have you ever done a spending ban?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Vanity / blogging space tour ♥

Today, I am going to be showing you my vanity, which is also where I blog and take my blog photos. Before I start I would like to make this clear, I am not a tidy person, so my makeup storage is a little..well...messy. I really need to have a tidy of my vanity but I didn't really have time to do it before I took the photos. Anyways lets get on with the tour!

As you can see I have a mirrored dressing table which I think is from next, however I don't know If they still sell it. Both my mirror and lights are from Ikea, they came separately, but fit perfectly together! I love these lights so much, I could literally do my makeup in the middle of the night and I would have perfect lighting.

On the left hand side of my vanity I have a stack of a magazines, a book and a notepad. I always like to have a magazine at hand to read, so I keep that on my side. The notepad is where I jot down ideas for blog posts and write my ever expanding beauty wish list. At the moment I am reading "The Fault In Our Stars" I only started it yesterday but can't put it down!

I am a candle addict. Every hour that I'm awake, I will have a candle lit, my favorites at the moment are Yankee Candles - Christmas Cookie and Waikiki Melon. Yes, I know it's no longer Christmas, but who says you can't have your room smelling of cookies all year round?

Because I do my makeup at my vanity every morning, I have my most used makeup brushes at reach next to my makeup storage. I have them separated into 2 cups, one from Ikea and the other a Mike Wazowski cup from the Disney store. If you have read my blog before you will know that monsters university is my obsession. My brushes mostly consist of real techniques and e.l.f. Next to my brushes I have my much loved Naked 2 palette - which I use virtually everyday. I might have to save up for the Naked 3 palette.....

In front of my brushes I have a couple of products and my favorite perfume. I have my everyday moisturiser out and the Honey by Marc Jacobs perfume. If I don't have a perfume out on display, I always forget to put it on! I also have 3 products which I have recently purchased that I need to try out and maybe do a review on. I usually try a product for just over a week and then decide whether I like it or not and review it.

The next part of my vanity is my favorite part - My makeup storage! I have been asked several times where my makeup drawers are from and they are from MUJI, which is an online storage store. I have got them in the narrow version, however I wish I got the wider ones as I have run out of space to put my new products. I have a different draw for each type of product and have to strategically fit them in like puzzle pieces so the drawer closes. On top of my drawers I have an acrylic storage "thing" which was from eBay, I keep the products that I use every single day in there plus some extras that won't fit in the drawers.

This is where it gets messy. In my vanity I have two drawers which are not very deep. It's really annoying that they don't come out that far, you can only see about 2/3's of the drawer in the photo, there is so much space behind but it's very hard to get too. The left hand side drawer is full of hair care products that I use on a regular basis, the rest are in my wardrobe. I also have the odd skincare item in there like my cleanser and body lotion.

The right hand side drawer is the messiest drawer in my room. It is basically full of makeup that I don't use everyday, a couple of empties and some miscellaneous things that I might need in my vanity. I am currently looking for some draw dividers but am yet to find some that are affordable and will fit in my drawer properly. 

Finally I just have a pot of stationary, which is always useful to have and a bottle of water. One of my new years resolutions was to drink 4 bottles of water a day, so I keep one near me at all times. 

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed having a nosy at my vanity, I know I love reading these types of posts as it gives my inspiration on how to organize and style my blogging area.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Little beauty Haul - Revlon & MUA♥

Today, I have a small haul to share with you. This morning I went shopping for a few things, purposely avoiding going in to either Boots or Superdrug. However I really needed a bottle of water and guess what...the nearest shop that sold water was Superdrug, so of course I would have to buy a few bits. There was a lot more that I could have bought, but I resisted my temptations and just got a couple of things. Funny thing is, I'm suppose to be on spending ban until my birthday!

The first thing that I bought, I actually needed as I had run out of the "Witch Blemish Stick." If you have read my blog before, you probably know that this product is my holy grail. I picked up another one which cost £1.92, at the beginning of the week I asked my Mum to get me one, but she accidentally got the Boots version. But, I'm looking forward to seeing which one I prefer best.

Before this, I had never bought a lipstick from MUA, but had heard lots of good reviews, so I picked up two. At only £1, you can't go wrong! I chose peachy keen, which is a lovely peachy coral shade and shade 13 which is a bright ferrari red.  I haven't yet tried these but from swatching I can tell that they have good pigmentation and glide on well.

After reading a review from Beth at Beautyinbeta, I added this product to my ever expanding wish list. I have been looking for a decent setting spray for a while now, as I have oily skin and my face tends to get shiny during the day. Hopefully this will pro-long the wear of my foundation. This product cost me £5.

Finally I got one of the new Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade 205 Elusive. This shade is "your lip colour but better" with a hint of pinky purple. I have a feeling this is going to become one of my new favorites. It normally retails at £7.99, but as it is new, Superdrug lowered the price to only £5.99.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bargain Barbara Daly Brush Haul ♥

Today I will be showing a couple of bargain makeup brushes I picked up from Tesco! Whilst in Tesco's, I headed to the beauty section (as always...) and spotted a sale! All of the Barbara Daly makeup brushes were on sale, at super cheap prices. I couldn't believe that a 5 piece brush set was on sale for under a quarter of the price. This was the first time I had bought something from the brand and was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

First of all, I picked up the Barbara Daly professional brush set, which comes with 5 different brushes. It includes a black travel case, a powder brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush, lip/concealer brush and a brow and lash comb. The original price was  £14.70, but I got it for only £3.67 which is 75% off! I haven't yet used the brushes but they feel super soft and for the price think they are very good quality. Although I am not too keen on the eyebrow and lash comb as the bristles feel quite scratchy.

For a while now I have been needing a portable kabuki brush, to keep in my school bag for applying powder. I just happened to come across this kabuki brush with case, which I got for only £1.83 reduced from £7.35. I used this brush at school today, it was very soft and picked up powder well, this is definitely going to stay in my school makeup bag.

Next I got the Barbara Daly blusher brush, I wasn't really in need of a blusher brush but for only £1.57, I thought I might as well get it. Once again the brush is soft and the handles have a nice matte finish, which makes the product seem more expensive. The brush head is angled and the perfect size for applying blush.

Finally I got another eye-shadow brush, I think that this is the same one that came with the professional brush set, but a girl can never have enough eye shadow brushes! This cost me a mere £1.05 and I am excited to try it out.

In total the haul was worth £32.55 but only cost me £8.12!

Have you tried any of the Barbara Daly products?

Saturday, 8 February 2014

NOTD - Collab with Teacupsnmakeup ♥

Today I thought I would do a quick NOTD. Georgia from Teacupsnmakeup asked me if I would like to do a collab, as we did have one scheduled a couple of weeks ago but never got round to it. So go check out her NOTD and give her a follow at!

First of all for my base coat, I have applied the Rimmel 14 day nail rescue treatment as I am trying to grow my nails so sorry about my horrible short nails, but I have run out of false nails....(Which for me means the end of the world)

Next I painted my nails with O.P.I, You're such a Budapest, which is a lovely pastel lilac shade. 
On one finger I dipped my nail into a pot of white coloured glitter whilst the nail polish was still wet and cleaned up the excess glitter from around my nail with nail polish remover and voila my nails are complete. This simple look only took me around 15 minutes!

Have you tried any good nail growth/strengthening treatments?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sudocrem Skincare Cream Review* ♥

Today I will be reviewing the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream*. If you have read my My favorite spot treatments post you will know that I absolutely love Sudocrem: Especially for acne. So when I was asked if I wanted to review this product, I jumped at the chance! Before I had just been using the normal Sudocrem which comes in a pot, but for the last week I have been trying out this one.

At first I didn't even know that they did another cream*: but after checking out their website I realized they offer lots of different products. In the description it states:

"Sudocrem Skin Care Cream* works wonders on spot-prone skin and is aimed at helping to maintain beautiful healthy skin as part of your daily skin care routine. It is the ultimate beauty essential and fits perfectly into your handbag at home or travel case for trips away."

I can firstly agree that it fits perfectly into your handbag, I love this packaging and find it much easier to use than the traditional pot. The size is also great as it is not too big and a little goes a long way, I reckon this will last me all year! Now lets move on to the product itself:

I have been using this product as a usual spot cream, putting a bit on to my blemishes before I go to bed. I can say that this does visibly reduce the redness of my blemishes and is perfect for leaving on over night. After using it for one week, my skin is looking clearer, not drastically but still noticeable.

Also, I was very surprised at the price, which is a mere £1.99 for 30g. I thought that it would be more than that, especially since celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Lauren Pope and Diana Vickers recommend it saying that "really works" and "It makes a great overnight face mask."

I wouldn't say that this product is particularly innovative as I find that the formula and what it offers is exactly the same as the traditional cream. I even checked the ingredients and they are identical. However if you do not already own Sudocrem or just fancy the squeezy tube, I would highly recommend this, especially if you have spot-prone skin! Overall, I believe that this is a great product for clearing skin and reducing the redness of blemishes and an absolute bargain!

                                                                         Have you tried any of Sudocrems' other products?