Friday, 10 January 2014

My everyday makeup / How much is my face worth? ♥

I thought it would be fun to really find out how much my every day face of makeup is worth and what makeup I like to wear to school. I know I will probably be surprised by the price. You don't actually realize how much it costs as most of us don't go out and buy a full face of makeup in one go!


  • Smashbox photo finish primer mini (it came in a set with 5 items that cost £19) roughly £3.80
  • Maybelline Dream Matte mousse - £7.69
  • MAC studio careblend pressed powder - £20
  • Sleek makeup contouring and blush palette - £9.99
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer - £4.19


  • Smashbox Photofinish lid primer (In the set) roughly £3.80
  • MUA trio eyeshadow - Innocence - £2.50
  • e.l.f liquid eyeliner - £1.50
  • Rimmel london - The max bold curves mascara - £6.69
  • e.lf. eyebrow kit in light - £3.75


  • Rimmel London - Apocalips in 600 nude eclipse - £6.49

This is the moment of truth....The total is.....£70.40.

......I am actually pretty happy with that price, although it is a lot of money, but for what I got I think it is quite reasonable! It would have been more if I decided to use more pricey products but today almost all of my makeup is drugstore.

Sorry about the short post, I have quite a lot of homework and revision at the moment, so I didn't really have much time. I am thinking about assigning 2 days a week, which will be the days where I post..Any ideas?


  1. I love the colour of the Apocalips! Great post

    Char | Char's Insights

  2. You look lovely :) I really like the Sleek Contour & Blush palette it's amazing isn't it! x


    1. Thankyou! :) So do I, it's so handy for travelling as it's 3 products in 1 xx

  3. Cute Blog!
    Joined your site! You should join mine!

  4. The nude colour is fantastic. Will have to buy it when my other nude runs out.

    I use MUA innocence too. It's really good quality for the price. I did this tag on my blog too. I spent more on make up brushes than what's on my face.

  5. I'm terrified to do this! I get seduced by all my expensive make up favourites. Maybe I should work it out though to inspire me to try some drugstore swaps!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  6. I absolutely love your lashes! Might have to pick up that mascara and give it a try :)

    Phoebe-Cate x

  7. Loved reading this post :) You look gorgeous! x
    Sweet Dreams

  8. Loved this blog! Such a great idea! I think I may do the same in the future!

  9. That's a great idea for a blog post!

    Love Emma xx

  10. The Sleek kit is great for travelling & a fab drugstore all in one. Brilliant idea for a blog post! xx