Sunday, 31 August 2014

Collective Haul - Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 , Primark, New Look...❤

Today I have haul, which consists of a few of the things that I have collected over the last month or so. I have recently had the urge to go shopping, which is probably due to the fact that in May, June and parts of July I wasn't able to go shopping due to having a broken leg. Two crutches and a handful of shopping bags don't exactly mix well. So as soon as I was able to I went of a bit of a mini shopping spree, which has inevitably caused me to spend a large chunk of my money. In this post I'm going to show the fashion and random portion of my haul and I will at some point do the beauty half. So here's what I got:

Urban Outfitters & Primark

Firstly I got a black cropped t-shirt trimmed with black lace, which was a tad pricey at £25 but I absolutely love it and Urban Outfitters clothes are pretty good quality. I think it would look nice with some high wasted Jeans.

The next thing I got is a basic staple item, a V neck white t-shirt. This simple top was only £4, so I picked it up because the material is super soft and I can style it in so many ways as it goes with almost everything.

I also bought a phone case  From Urban Outfitters which is matte black with a pretty  silver and black diamante hamsa sign on the back. I've been wanting a new phone case for my iPhone for a while and this one is just perfect, it was £12.

The homeware/gift section in UO is my favorite part, if I had the money I would literally buy every single item, but a lot of it is quite overpriced. On the way up to the tills I spotted a vintage looking world map poster, which is just what I wanted for my room. I think it will look really cute on my wall, it was £5.

At the moment i'm a bit obsessed with pastel colours, so when I saw these adorable mini pastel satchels in Primark at only £6 each (Yes, they were only £6 each!) I had to pick one up. I originally only bought the pink one but loved it so much I ended up going back and getting the yellow one as well. They sell them in lots of different colours. They're adorable right?

Forever 21

Whilst staying with friends in Kent, I went out for lunch in the Blue water shopping centre and afterwards I had a quick little look around forever 21 since there aren't any near where I live. I first got a blue patterned dress which was only 8.99 in the sale which is an absolute bargain. It's quite a summery dress considering summer is basically over but I really liked it so I will probably wear it next summer or if I go out anywhere nice.

I also picked up a black and white patterned play-suit which has an adorable cut out back with a bow. I am thinking of wearing this to an upcoming party with some gold jewelry, it was £18.

This cute little gold necklace had three heart shaped crystals on it and only cost me £2.50, I have a slight obsession with dainty necklaces at the moment.

Next I picked up this pale pink lacy crop top with a scalloped bottom from Miss Selfridge, which is not a shop I usually go in. It's so pretty and girly, I love that the underlay has a cute sweetheart neckline. I'm not quite sure how much it was because the price is not still on it but if I remember correctly it was £18.

The next top I bought was a bright pink vest top form H&M, which has a high neck at the front but has a low crossed back. I recently wore this to a party teamed with black disco pants and a black lace bandeau underneath. It was £9.99. Typically I wouldn't go for a bright colour like this, but I thought you know , why not?


Here comes another pastel purchase. I bought this cropped baby pink t-shirt from Topshop a few weeks ago for £8. It has sheer stripes throughout, so I'm planning on wearing a white bandeau underneath it. I really ought to stop buying crop tops since I own an awful lot of them and winter is coming round.

Although lots of the clothes in this haul are coloured, I love the shades black and white and wear them most often. So when I saw this pair of dog tooth printed trousers, I had to get them. They are slightly out of my comfort zone as I generally stick to wearing leggings or jeans, but I really like the way they look on. They were £25 and feel very good quality.

New Look

From New look I bought a pair of baby pink plimsolls, (see the pastel theme now?), which were only £9.99 which is pretty good value as I will probably get a good wear out of them until they inevitably fall apart, as do the majority of cheap plimsolls.

Whilst In new look I bought my school bag, which is a large nude, grey and black bag. Normally I end up buying bags that don't fit all of my folders in them, so this year I decided to go big so everything could comfortably fit inside. I'm hoping that this bag lasts over half the year as I seem to always ruin my school bags and they constantly fall apart. It was £25, so hopefully it will be of a decent quality.

Have you posted a haul recently? 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Why I haven't been blogging for the last 4 months & How I broke my leg ❤

As you may or may not have noticed, there have been no blog posts on Beautyandkatie since the 23rd of April. A mixture of things have caused this to happen, but none of them are significant enough to be used as an excuse. I haven't contracted a serious illness or moved halfway across the world, I just haven't blogged. It's not that I got bored of blogging and chose to stop, I absolutely loved blogging. There is no justification to why I stopped, I just stopped.

I have been meaning to write this for a while now, but every time I looked at my blog, I got annoyed at how I had stopped and I slowly fell into a cycle of postponing when I was going to come back. There is no point in me apologizing or giving a fake, totally unbelievable excuse. I am back and should hopefully be posting, I can't guarantee that it will be regular since I am entering year 11 and I'm probably going to be very busy, but I will be active in the blogging community once again.

Since i'm not entirely sure what else to put in this post, I will tell you the quite amusing story of breaking my leg:

So it's the 12th of May and I'm back at school the weekend after doing my bronze Duke of Edinburgh, which was an extremely tiring but enjoyable experience. I have P.E third period and decide to do javelin, everyone's complaining about how achy and tired they are and the fact that they can't run due to their blister covered feet. Especially the girls who will do almost anything to get out of doing anything physical, (me being one of them.) When it's my turn to run to the white line, I say "But sir i'm aching and I've got blisters" hoping that he will be slightly sympathetic and let me sit down instead, but being the P.E teacher that he is, he tells me to get up and warm up. So I begin to run and just as I reach the white line I turn, which twists my body and the next thing i know my knee feels entirely out of place and I feel excruciating pain coming from my leg. I half sit down/fall to the ground thinking that I've just twisted my leg. The only person that seems to half notice is my friend and a couple of others, I'm down for a minute or so when my teacher comes over and I tell him my legs really hurting, which is quite hard when your in so much shock and pain. He then tells me to get up and go to the first aid room which is inside the school, I tell him that I physically can't get up, but he makes my anyway and I start to hop across the field (which is a very long way when you can barely walk.) 

I make it too the first aid room assisted by a fellow pupil and just about manage to mumble what happened  whilst sitting down in the first aid room. My knee is swelling extremely quickly (I won't go into too much detail, it wasn't pretty.) My mum is called and arrives swiftly, they put me in a wheelchair and attempt to wheel me out to my mums car. Me being me I attempt so sort out my eye makeup since I was beginning to have a slight resemblance to a panda, I then refuse to be wheeled any further since I am a tad stubborn and insisted I could do it myself. I said bye to my friends.

Once In hospital, I was transferred quickly to the pediatric ward in A&E and sent for an x-ray. Which was inconclusive, so I had to go for another specialist one. I hadn't even considered that I had a broken leg at this point I thought that I had probably dislocated it. When the news came that I had broken my Tibia Plateau, I broke into tears, the thing that I was most worried about was wearing a cast, since i knew I wouldn't be able to wear leggings or jeans. Yes, I had just broken my leg and I was worried about what I was going to wear; typical Katie. I was put on gas and air (Laughing gas), which was a quite a funny experience since I basically acted like a 2 year old for half an hour. I had to stay in hospital for the next two nights, which was not exactly a great experience since every hour I had to have a nurse come and do my Obs, which is when she had to feel my foot and check my heart rate and temperature, EVERY HOUR. I think I was more worried about the nurse seeing my slightly chipped painted toe nails then I was about the fact that I was in hospital with a broken leg. As you can tell, I really need to get my priorities straight. I basically spent the rest of that day on my phone and reading, whilst in hospital I read 2 whole books. 

Had to covered all my details, almost posted it unedited!

On the 13th of May was my brothers birthday, but instead of going out for dinner, he had to come to the hospital and visit me. My family brought me up some birthday cake and he opened his present from me on the ward, I felt so bad. I was fitted with a leg brace, which is not very comfortable and doesn't look good whats so ever. The good thing was that I was finally allowed to get off my bed which I hadn't left  for almost 2 days, I was taught how to use crutches, which is a lot harder than it looks. I slept in hospital again that night. I was near breakdown point on the 14th when I got in my car to go home, I realized that I wouldn't have nurses with me 24/7 and that my life for the next few weeks was going to consist of laying in bed until I could return to school. My friends were very supportive and came over a few times over those 3 weeks. The problem with returning to school was having to have someone carry all of my things and having to somehow find black trousers that would fit over a giant leg brace. I ended up going back to school wearing baggy black Primark pajama bottoms, which were the only things I could seem to fit over my leg.

This is what my leg brace looked like:

I had to have an MRI scan a few weeks after the injury to see what was going on, I was practically shitting myself knowing that i was going to have to lay in a small confined space with loud sounds for up to an hour. For someone who is claustrophobic, an MRI is practically living hell. When I got my results the consultant said that everything was going fine so I asked him "Have I dislocated it then", since I had had the suspicion that I had since day one, he replied with "I don't think so" which was expected since almost every doctor I had asked said probably not to that very question. He went of, checked the results and guess what, I was right all along I had dislocated it, which had caused the break in the first place. I had figured it out and yet after examining me for several weeks none of the doctors had, the first thing I said to my mum was "As if I got it right and the doctors didn't, HA."

One of the perks of being Temporarily disabled in your movement is the fact that everyone seems to be a lot nicer to you, for example people hold doors open for you, the teachers let you leave the lessons early and most importantly you don't have to queue for lunch.  Almost 4 months later I have ditched the crutches and am almost back to my normal self, apart from having extremely pale legs and a reasonably tanned upper half.

Breaking my leg is not a valid excuse for not blogging, but it sure made it harder to. Sorry if this post was extremely boring.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Little Makeup Revolution haul ♥

Last week, I became aware of a new budget beauty brand called "Makeup Revolution" after reading a post on Missbudgetbeauty. At first I thought "Oh, it's just another MUA or Vivo." But the more I looked at there products on the Superdrug website, the more I wanted to have them. So I decided that I might as well try a few products from the range, (which currently stands at over 300 products!) and if I like it, I can always go back for more. I didn't want to go crazy and bombard myself with loads of products that I might not even like..but I've got my eye on one of their £4 palettes. I selected a couple of products, which in total only cost me £11, which was an absolute bargain [Insert ka-ching noise here]

The first thing that I got was just a basic black liquid eyeliner, as I have almost completely run out of my current eyeliner and I needed something to see me through, as I cannot live without eyeliner. There's nothing much I can say about this but it only cost £1.50.

Secondly, I picked up three eye shadows. Sold out and Promised land cost a mere £1 each and Heavenly, which is part of their baked eye shadow collection, cost £1.50, which is still very cheap! They come in the exsact same packaging as the MUA blushers do, which features a small peg that keeps the packaging closed. I have a feeling that it is going to get lost very easily. Sold out (which is a cool shimmery brown) and Promised land, (Which is a warm golden brown) both have a nice almost buttery texture, which feels quite expensive. However Heavenly feels slightly chalky and lacks the pigmentation that the other two have, but for £1.50, what do you expect? My favorite out of the three has to be Sold Out as it reminds me a bit of YDK out of the Naked 2 palette. 

The next thing I got is a baked blush in he shade "All I think about is you", which is a lovely pinky peach and cost £2.50. In the packaging it looks like a bright pink, but when worn it looks slightly more peachy and natural and OMG - this stuff is seriously pigmented. When trying it, I had to lightly dust it on my cheeks to avoid the clown look. The only downside to this blush is the lack of shimmer that I thought it might contain. With baked blushers, I expect a blush and a highlight mixed together, but this blush didn't seem to catch the light and shine in the way that I hoped it would. Nether the less, I think this has earned it's self a prominent place in my everyday makeup stash.

There was a bit of the mix up with the next product, I ordered it in light-medium but received it in medium dark, which is far to dark for a blonde girl like me and unluckily for me, I had already swatched it when I realized. The actual packaging it's self is spot on, it doesn't feel cheap as many other products in it price range do, and it comes with a little mini pair of tweezers and a slanted brow brush. I must say that the tweezers are virtually useless, but the brow brush is absolutely spot on! I might have to just take the brow brush out and use it with another product. I also like the idea of a clear brow wax, which you can apply after filling them in, I have never seen this before, but it works pretty well. Next time I order something from Superdrug, I am going to have to order this again and hope it arrives in the right shade.

Just to put that out there THIS LIPSTICK WAS £1! I'm not usually a fan of cheap lipsticks as I find that they are either too drying or only last 30 minutes on the lips. I haven't worn this for long enough to test its longevity, but I know that I definitely love the shade. On camera it looks quite dark and red looking, but in reality its a soft natural peachy pink, that I am looking forward to wearing on an every day basis. Swiping it on the lips, it felt smooth and creamy and glided nicely, Makeup Revolution have got the formula just right.

Have you tried anything from this brand yet?

Sunday, 20 April 2014

What I've been loving this week #2 ♥

So, like I said last Sunday, I am going to start posting these posts on Sundays, although it will probably be every other Sunday. So here's what I've been loving this week!

The first thing that I have been using non-stop this week is "Maybelline the mega plush mascara" My old mascara had run out and this was my back up, I absolutely love it! It separates the lashes and gives length without looking clumpy, as my other mascara did. However it is one of those mascaras that has the bendy head, which has no benefits and doesn't affect how the mascara is applied. Basically - I just love this mascara.

The next product is the Got2B heat protection spray, which I recently purchased from Superdrug as it was half price. Ever since I started straightening my hair, I have used the Tresemme heat protection spray and have re-purchased time and time again. This was my first venture into other heat protection sprays and I love it! It has a really nice smell and seemed to add extra shine to my hair.

Th third product is my trusty revlon colourstay, which seems to have been absent from my makeup bag ofr a while now, but don't worry its making a comeback. This product was my go to foundation and after adding a tad of collection lasting perfection concealer, I was set to go. But I went through a stage of not liking it, due to my skin getting drier as this foundation has a habit of sticking to those annoying dry patches. However I have returned to this routine and absolutely love it. It provides a high coverage matte look ( that lasts for hours, unlike most foundations which leave me shiny after 2 hours of wear. So if your an oily girl like me, give it a go!

This MUA mosaic blusher in the shade english rose, has been talked about for quite some time now, but only recently have I picked it up. Which is unlike me, normally if i see a product that I like, I will rush onto the superdrug website and order it there and then, which now that I think about it could be slightly problematic. This blush has a nice shimmer in it which is something I have been loving recently after beginning to regularly use a sleek blush in the shade rose gold. This shimmer adds dimension to your cheeks and its a really pretty light pink colour which is perfect for spring.

The last main thing I've been loving is rings, (midi rings in particular.) Pretty much everyday this last week, I have been wearing 2 or more rings. I just think they look so cute when layered and yeah..I just love rings! This particular set is from primark and cost a mere £1.50 for the lost, BARGAIN!

What star product have you been using non-stop this week?