Sunday, 10 November 2013

My favorite highstreet makeup products x

Hey there,

I thoughts as my first blog post (excluding my introduction) I would tell you about my favorite high street makeup products, which are all under £8. I do love a bargain when it comes to makeup as a don't have a large budget to spend. I have aimed to include a full face of makeup, so here are my current favorites from my makeup bag:

I am first going to start with the Bourjois "chocolate" Bronzing powder: £6.99

There was a massive rave about this product a couple of months back, but I only got round to purchasing this a couple of weeks ago, the reviews were correct and  I love this bronzer so much as it is the perfect shade for my skin tone, which is lucky as there are only 2 shades. It is has a good pigmentation and is not at all chalky so it applies nicely to the skin. The only down side of this product I can think of is the smell, I think they were trying to create a chocolate smell to suite the theme of the product but I can't really seem to make the connection. The smell is not a bad scent, I just think it would be better with out it. Once applied to your face though the odour disappears. So overall I just really love this product and it is perfect for contouring or just adding a bit of colour to the face in the winter months

Moving on, one of my favorites obviously has to be the Maybelline Baby Lips, pink punch in particular: £2.99

This well loved product is extremely moisturizing and has a great colour pay off. I like to use this on days where I don't feel like wearing a gloss or a lipstick but still want to add a bit of colour to my lips. It's a lip balm based product but has a good pigmentation which you don't expect when buying the product. The scent is another one of the good things about it, it really does smell like fruit punch, which is why it is probably called "Pink Punch", I just love the fruity scent. For £2.99 you can't really complain!

My next favorite is the MUA blushes which are an amazing bargain with a price tag of only £1

The shade I have is Lolly which is a lovely coral-orange colour. I tend to suite coral more than pink so this was a perfect choice. They have a range of 6 colours which are all equally nice, but as I do most of my shopping online, they are all out of stock on the MUA website and I am hoping they will restock soon. These blushes are slightly chalky and you do lose a lot of product when applying but for £1 it doesn't really matter as you can just go and buy more! The chalkiness doesn't affect the quality of the product, I have extremely oily skin and this blush lasts all day long. I have been using this every single day for the last month or two and it still looks as if i have barely used it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a lower budget as they are really good quality for the price you pay

I also love the Maybelline Colossal volum' mascara which is the most expensive item on my list at £7.99

Although there have been many bad reviews on this mascara, I actually enjoy using it! It lengthens, thickens and separates my lashes just how I want them. My lashes don't at all look clumpy but if you layer it too much you can get that effect, which is a mistake I have made before. For the price I think you could get better mascaras but I only paid £3.99 as it was on special offer in Boots. But overall I really enjoy using this mascara and I am usually quite fussy with mascaras as my lashes are the main part of my makeup, but this seems to satisfy my needs.

Another one of my highstreet/drugstore favorites are the Bourjois Eyeshadows which retail at £6.99

I have selected 3 of my favorites to show you today which are (number 92, which is the grey one, 03, which is the pink one and 11 which is the lilac) They are all glitter eye-shadows but the two pastel shades are perfect for everyday wear. The grey eyeshadow, was actually my first eyeshadow I ever bought, I remember I had a party to go to so I went to my local Boots and picked it up! The pigmentation is amazing and with a primer they will last all day, even with my oily skin! They have a large range of colours in their "intense" range and if they were cheaper I would buy loads more.

Moving onto the Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil in 200 Hazel which is only £2.99

This eyebrow pencil is another bargain at only £2.99 and is the only blonde/brown colour I can find on the high street at this price. Because my brows are neither brown nor blonde I always have trouble trying to find a pencil with a matching shade and this is the closest I have got. This pencil lasts all day and looks natural, however if  I press down too hard it can end up looking a little bit ginger. I usually pair this pencil with 'Tease' from the Naked 2 Palette. For the price I think this is a really good product.

No-one ever seems to mention the Tesco makeup brand 'Vivo" so I thought I would show you this liquid eyeliner which I love, its only £1.99!

I think I bought this product as my first ever liquid eyeliner and have gone back to it ever since, there really aren't any down falls with it, its cheap, easy to apply and lasts all day. You can apply a thin line quickly and it is perfect for cat eyeliner which is something I have been loving over the last few weeks. I have re-purchased this eyeliner time and time again and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try a new brand.

For foundation I have selected the Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation, which is £5.99

If you have oily skin like me, you have to try this product! Its a liquid foundation, that's suppose to give 'Up to 12 hours natural shine control" I wouldn't quote it on the 12 hours, but this is definitely a matte foundation that is unsuitable for dry skin. I find this foundation applies best with a kabuki brush, in the past I have tried it with my mac 187, but it just gave a cakey finish. (Because of its matte finish you do have to work quickly) I would say this foundation is medium coverage but you can layer it up and push it to full. It gives a couple of hours of matte finish if paired with the stay matte pressed powder, but I find my self getting oily in my T-zone at around mid-day. I have it in the shade Ivory and I think there is about 6 shades, which cover a light to mid skin tone. For £6 I think it is good foundation.

Another eyeliner I would recommend is the Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner retailing at £5 (I think)

I am not quite sure If they still stock this product or not, as I couldn't find it on the Boots website, but I am pretty sure they do. The Rimmel Gel eyeliner has a good consistency and is easy to apply with a thin eyeliner brush, not the one that comes with the product. It is not entirely 'waterproof'' but if it was raining it would not budge, I wore this swimming one day and I did end up looking slightly like a panda. However for day to day wear this is a good eyeliner if you are looking for one that lasts all day.

The final product I would recommend is the L'oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks which are suppose to be £8.19 but you can find most shades on Amazon for £3-£6

I love this lipstick I found on Amazon, I wear this shade most days, It is a lovely shimmery nude colour. (Sorry I lost the swatch photo) I only paid £3.50 for it and you can find most shades for a similar discounted price. They have high pigmentation and high shine. I tend to layer mine with a lip gloss and am currently loving the Benefit Dandelion lip gloss which I got free with Elle Magazine. When purchasing this product I didn't even realize it was suited to blondes which was a bonus!

P.S Sorry for the extremely long blog post, I didn't realize it would be this big when I started! I hope you enjoyed reading,

Katie xxx


  1. I have the Pink baby lips one and it's not very moisturising :/
    I love the template of your blog :)
    Followed <3

  2. Oh...My lips don't tend to get dry anyway..maybe that's why?
    Thankyou, I will follow you back! xxx

  3. Not sure if you've mentioned this in an earlier post but where did you get your make up storage drawers? Very Kardashian! I really want to organise my make up (lipsticks in particular) next year.

    Em x

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    1. I got them from an online store called Muji, they sell different sizes and are quite affordable! (mine are the narrow ones) xxx on My favorite highstreet makeup products x