Thursday, 19 December 2013

NOTD - Glitter gradient & bow

Today I thought I would post a quick NOTD! This look is super cheap and easy and cost me under £2, all I had to buy was the bows and the fake nails. Yes - they are fake, I have a bad habit of biting my nails, although in the new year I am going to try to avoid the temptation.

This look requires almost no work as the fake nails already have the glitter gradient on them (I know it's cheating.) I buy all my false nails from Primark as they are the perfect length, have lots of different designs and cost only £1! They come with nail glue which I find to last between 4 days to 1 week and for £1 I think that is pretty good! The 3D nail  bows are from Poundland and come with 3 different pairs of designs, which works out just over 30p per pair. I love the way the bows look and they definitely make my nails look much
more exciting.

1. Glue on Primark false nails
2. Apply a top coat if you want
3. Apply glue to the back of the nail bow, position on nail and press down until stuck
4. To keep the bow sturdy I also put a drip of glue underneath both sides of the nail to prevent it falling off.

PS. I am so sorry for not posting in over a month, my camera broke, so I was unable to take any photos for my posts. I have managed to get it to work now but I am currently saving up for a good DSLR, so maybe I might start Youtube! xx

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