Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bargain Barbara Daly Brush Haul ♥

Today I will be showing a couple of bargain makeup brushes I picked up from Tesco! Whilst in Tesco's, I headed to the beauty section (as always...) and spotted a sale! All of the Barbara Daly makeup brushes were on sale, at super cheap prices. I couldn't believe that a 5 piece brush set was on sale for under a quarter of the price. This was the first time I had bought something from the brand and was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

First of all, I picked up the Barbara Daly professional brush set, which comes with 5 different brushes. It includes a black travel case, a powder brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush, lip/concealer brush and a brow and lash comb. The original price was  £14.70, but I got it for only £3.67 which is 75% off! I haven't yet used the brushes but they feel super soft and for the price think they are very good quality. Although I am not too keen on the eyebrow and lash comb as the bristles feel quite scratchy.

For a while now I have been needing a portable kabuki brush, to keep in my school bag for applying powder. I just happened to come across this kabuki brush with case, which I got for only £1.83 reduced from £7.35. I used this brush at school today, it was very soft and picked up powder well, this is definitely going to stay in my school makeup bag.

Next I got the Barbara Daly blusher brush, I wasn't really in need of a blusher brush but for only £1.57, I thought I might as well get it. Once again the brush is soft and the handles have a nice matte finish, which makes the product seem more expensive. The brush head is angled and the perfect size for applying blush.

Finally I got another eye-shadow brush, I think that this is the same one that came with the professional brush set, but a girl can never have enough eye shadow brushes! This cost me a mere £1.05 and I am excited to try it out.

In total the haul was worth £32.55 but only cost me £8.12!

Have you tried any of the Barbara Daly products?


  1. How amazing are the prices?! I might have to go and have a look!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. They look amazing for such a great price! x

  3. Can't believe how cheap they are!
    Plus the Kabuki and case looks so cute!!

    nailsandteapots xx

  4. Awesome post and I love the kabuki brush! I am one of your followers on bloglovin, you have a pretty cool blog.You should chek out mine if you want :)


  5. Great post! Bargain products, cheap brushes are good if you keep them clean and look after them. Great read :)

    Pinar xo

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