Sunday, 13 April 2014

What I've been loving this week ♥

So, I've been thinking lately about how I could introduce regularity to my blog as generally I will sit down by my computer, think of an idea and begin to write. There is absolutely no pattern in when I blog and what I blog about, so I thought that I could perhaps introduce a series. Every Sunday, I will sit down and write a post about what I have been loving that week. I thought that if I include other items (that aren't makeup) such as books and food etc, you would get to know more about me and it would hopefully expand my blog into the lifestyle "sector" as well. So instead of me rambling on, lets get on to what I've been loving this week.
(Ignoring the slightly deformed candle in the background)

Maybelline brow drama - dark blonde | Rimmel nail polish - lose your lingerie | Pop-tarts - frosted strawberry sensation
Firstly I have to say that I have renewed my love for pop tarts and yes I know that they have horrifically high calories and fat. But you know, when have I ever cared about what I eat? I used to have an absolute obsession with them a few years back, but hadn't bought them for a while as they cost around £2.50 for 8, which for me sounds pretty expensive for what is basically a packet of sugar. Nether the less, they taste amazing.

On Tuesday, I painted my nails with the colour "Lose your lingerie", which is from the new Rita Ora collection at Rimmel. I think this shade is a really pretty colour for spring, I have a feeling its going to become one of my favorites!

Maybelline Brow Drama. I didn't think I would actually like this product when I first got it, but after using it for the last two weeks, I have proved myself wrong. I won't go into much detail now as there will be a review up pretty soon but I just really like the concept of this tinted brow gel, it fills them in and keeps them in place all day long, so no complaints here!

Urban Decay primer potion - original | Ted baker body spray from the butterfly blossom set | Revlon colourburst matte balm - Elusive
After receiving the Urban Decay primer potion as a gift for my  birthday, I have been religiously using it when ever I wear eye shadow. Just as I expected, it's fabulous. There's not really much more I can say, other than the fact that it keeps your eye shadow put all day and I mean it ALL DAY.

I bought my Revlon matte balm a month or two ago, but never really used it. It has now re-surfaced and holds a firm place in my little go to makeup bag. It's in the shade Elusive which is a sort of pink!? Check out the swatches here in an old haul, it's hard to describe. The stick form makes it easy to apply, it's not drying, stays put for a relatively long time and is a really pretty colour that is not too bold, but still makes a statement.

The final item that I have been loving this week is a Ted Baker body spray which came out of the "Butterfly Blossom" set that I received for my birthday. I cannot get enough of this, everyday for the last two weeks, it's been in either my school bag or my handbag. It's got a sweet fruity scent and is a mix between a body spray and a perfume. I love it!

So, what have you been loving this week?


  1. I've been crazy for pop tarts this week too :) cute blog!

    Jess xx

  2. Pop tarts!!! <3 We don't have them in Australia so I'm super jealous x

  3. That Revlon Matte Lip Balm is my favorite! And that's my favorite color too! <33 Great post lovee xoxo

    1. It such a nice colour right? I haven't tried out any of the others though, I'm not very adventurouswhen it comes to lip colours xx

  4. I'm still yet to try Poptarts - shocking! Maybelline Brow Drama is my fav product xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. Run down to your local shop now and try them out! Haha xxx

  5. Nice stuff! I haven't try any of those things except for Poptarts of course! I haven't had one for so many months! I love the raspberry one!