Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Little Makeup Revolution haul ♥

Last week, I became aware of a new budget beauty brand called "Makeup Revolution" after reading a post on Missbudgetbeauty. At first I thought "Oh, it's just another MUA or Vivo." But the more I looked at there products on the Superdrug website, the more I wanted to have them. So I decided that I might as well try a few products from the range, (which currently stands at over 300 products!) and if I like it, I can always go back for more. I didn't want to go crazy and bombard myself with loads of products that I might not even like..but I've got my eye on one of their £4 palettes. I selected a couple of products, which in total only cost me £11, which was an absolute bargain [Insert ka-ching noise here]

The first thing that I got was just a basic black liquid eyeliner, as I have almost completely run out of my current eyeliner and I needed something to see me through, as I cannot live without eyeliner. There's nothing much I can say about this but it only cost £1.50.

Secondly, I picked up three eye shadows. Sold out and Promised land cost a mere £1 each and Heavenly, which is part of their baked eye shadow collection, cost £1.50, which is still very cheap! They come in the exsact same packaging as the MUA blushers do, which features a small peg that keeps the packaging closed. I have a feeling that it is going to get lost very easily. Sold out (which is a cool shimmery brown) and Promised land, (Which is a warm golden brown) both have a nice almost buttery texture, which feels quite expensive. However Heavenly feels slightly chalky and lacks the pigmentation that the other two have, but for £1.50, what do you expect? My favorite out of the three has to be Sold Out as it reminds me a bit of YDK out of the Naked 2 palette. 

The next thing I got is a baked blush in he shade "All I think about is you", which is a lovely pinky peach and cost £2.50. In the packaging it looks like a bright pink, but when worn it looks slightly more peachy and natural and OMG - this stuff is seriously pigmented. When trying it, I had to lightly dust it on my cheeks to avoid the clown look. The only downside to this blush is the lack of shimmer that I thought it might contain. With baked blushers, I expect a blush and a highlight mixed together, but this blush didn't seem to catch the light and shine in the way that I hoped it would. Nether the less, I think this has earned it's self a prominent place in my everyday makeup stash.

There was a bit of the mix up with the next product, I ordered it in light-medium but received it in medium dark, which is far to dark for a blonde girl like me and unluckily for me, I had already swatched it when I realized. The actual packaging it's self is spot on, it doesn't feel cheap as many other products in it price range do, and it comes with a little mini pair of tweezers and a slanted brow brush. I must say that the tweezers are virtually useless, but the brow brush is absolutely spot on! I might have to just take the brow brush out and use it with another product. I also like the idea of a clear brow wax, which you can apply after filling them in, I have never seen this before, but it works pretty well. Next time I order something from Superdrug, I am going to have to order this again and hope it arrives in the right shade.

Just to put that out there THIS LIPSTICK WAS £1! I'm not usually a fan of cheap lipsticks as I find that they are either too drying or only last 30 minutes on the lips. I haven't worn this for long enough to test its longevity, but I know that I definitely love the shade. On camera it looks quite dark and red looking, but in reality its a soft natural peachy pink, that I am looking forward to wearing on an every day basis. Swiping it on the lips, it felt smooth and creamy and glided nicely, Makeup Revolution have got the formula just right.

Have you tried anything from this brand yet?


  1. Wow!! This brand looks amazing - so many products and so cheap! Really helpful review, will definitely be checking out a few of these products :)xx

  2. Those eye shadow shades look amazing! I can't believe how cheap they are"x

    Lauren Evie

  3. I can't wait to tryout these products look amazing! will definitely be competing against MUA products and the blushers and eyeshadow look really silky and beautiful.

  4. Amazing post :) great blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin and if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo