PR Companies 

If you would like to contract me regarding a PR post / review on your product feel free to drop me an email at

Yes, I know this is pretty standard for a beauty blog but I had to include a disclaimer to stop any controversy surrounding the topic. 

I am 100% happy to review any product whether it is sent to me by a company or it has been purchased with my own money. I would just like to let you know that if a company sends me a product it will not alter my opinion or affect my thoughts regarding the product. All opinions will be entirely truthful and will not in any way shape or form be biased. 

I will mark all products that have been sent for review with an  asterisk next to the product name and price. Unless stated so with the asterisk all products have been paid for with my hard earned pennies (..except the occasional birthday or Christmas prezzies)

All photo's are entirely my own unless otherwise stated, although occasionally I may include photo's of products off of the internet paired with the appropriate link.

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